FAQS - The Harp | TD Garden & North Station Restaurant & Bar


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cover?

Yes, there is a $10 cover charge starting at 10pm on Friday and 9pm on Saturdays… unless you come with a group – see how you can do so for free! This price is subject to change based on holidays and events.

Can I pay the cover with a credit card?

We gladly accept credit cards, debit cards and cash at the door and at our bars.

I’m over 21, do I need my ID? And what is proper ID?

If you are joining us after 9pm Massachusetts state law requires we ID everyone, yes everyone. Massachusetts defines proper ID as:

  • A Massachusetts Driver’s License, Massachusetts Liquor ID Card, or Massachusetts ID Card
  • Government Issued Passport
  • U.S. Issued Passport Card
  • Military ID

What’s the dress code?

No athletic gear: sweatpants, hoodies, no clothing with vulgar, lewd or inappropriate language. Men must wear closed toed shoes. Backpacks must be checked at coat check and are subject to be searched by The Harp’s staff. Ultimately entry is up to the discretion of our security and management staff. Stylish attire is appreciated.

I’m coming with a large group, do you offer a special rate or bottle / table service?

Awesome, thanks for partying with us! We don’t offer bottle / table service, but we do have a few options for large groups.

Will there be a line? And how can I avoid it?

Depending on the time you arrive there may be a line. We try to keep it moving as quickly as possible, but it’s based on capacity. You can best avoid the line (and the cover) by arriving early.

Who’s playing this weekend? What time will they go on?

You can find out who’s playing on our nightlife calendar. Bands typically on at 10pm and play 3 sets, with a DJ in between.

I left my credit card/phone/jacket/dignity there last night, how can I get that back?

We open at 11:30am Monday – Friday & at 3pm on Saturday. Drink some water and give us a call or email.